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Chicken Boy
Thousand-Armed Boddhitsava Dance
Old Time Kiddie Records
Strindberg and Helium
The World's Smallest Gospel Singer
Maynard G. Krebs' Glossary of Hip Speak
Midget Wrestling Hall of Fame
Take a Virtual Tour of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile!
Ray "Crash" Corrigan Ape Appearances
The Sulab Toilet Museum

Giants and Girls
Unintentionally Sexual Comic Book Covers
Hello Kitty Psychological Exam
Highly Inane Quizzes

Want to Know?---"Vital information of which few are aware."
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Democracy Now---Possibly the last courageous news and comment on radio.
Information Clearinghouse---The Anti-Fox.
Alter-net---More Anti-Fox.
Raw Story---Naked truth.
Truth Out---News and commentary.
Common Dreams---News and commentary.
Buzzflash---News and commentary.
LA Observed---Veteran L.A. journalist Kevin Roderick's civil, comprehensive keeping-tabs-on-L.A.-media- and-culture site.
Romanesko's Media News---Media covers media.
Bob Baker's Newsthinking---One of the best in the business writes about the business.
Editor and Publisher---Media covers media.
Dave Lindorff---Veteran journalist and author's daily blog.
AfterDowningStreet---Covering the outrageous.
Internet Weekly---A rambunctious compendium of satirical cartoons, commentary, and eclectic links to art, music, and merry weirdness.
Seven Questions---Original, absorbing site in which seven questions are posed to persons from all walks of life, created by Tom Mangan, now operated by Michael Ivey. Start with this particularly interesting interview.
Journalism Jobs---The Rip Post isn't hiring, so inquire here. . .
Op-ed News---Rob Kall calls the action, politically, with a compendium of commentary.
Tom Mangan---A newspaperman's blogger, or a blogger's newspaperman. Anyhow, it's rife with Tom's commentary, and that's plenty good. For editors, see related:
Ray Richmond---If you must read about The Toob, start here. At least Ray is funny.

MUSIC: treasures. Listen!
Antique Sheet Music---antique sheet music!
Mario Lanza---A remarkable site devoted to the man dubbed the "voice of the century" by Arturo Toscanini.
Art Fein---The irascible, wonderful, inimitable Art Fein (no relation to fine art), who has done more to champion a hell of a lot of music than a hell of a lot of people. And he doesn't like blowhards or dopey language, either.
The Persuasions---Rip Post's page for the most enduring and versatile a cappella group in American history.
Jerry Lawson---The great former lead singer of The Persuasions has his own site now.
Bogus Pomp---Home of the excellent and exceedingly dedicated ensemble devoted to the music of Frank Zappa.
Punmaster's Music Notes---David Gross's on-line all-encompassing music column. Subscribe now!
Theremin---download and play your own virtual Theremin! 
Music Matters---A multimedia travelogue that takes visitors on a musical journey around the world, hosted and narrated by Virginia Eskin of Northeastern University.
Frank Zappa---The official website of the late iconoclastic composer/bandleader/satirist non pareil, including exclusive new album releases. 
Captain Beefheart---A thorough and thoughtful tribute to a man of great heart, mind, music, and art: Don Van Vliet.
Country Joe McDonald--- Home page of the venerable Country Joe and the Fish founder, and one of the most underappreciated American songwriters.
Robert Hunter---Official site, including tour journals, of the prolific poet and lyricist for Grateful Dead, also one of the most underappreciated American songwriters.
Joseph Campbell & Grateful Dead---A remarkable account of the meeting between the fabulous mythologist and the fabulous group.
George Harrison---Lovely tribute to the late musician.
Beatlefan---Premiere U.S. magazine devoted to The Beatles, expertly edited and updated by Bill King.
Abbeyrd's Beatle Page---Best site in the USA for Beatles-related news, updated daily by Steve Marinucci.
Steve Marinucci's Beatles Column at journalist covers all the latest fab news.
Beatletracks---Remarkable library of facts and histories of the songs.
Center-of-Beat---The Beatles in Hamburg, a pictorial history.
Instant Karma!---Since 1981, magazine devoted to John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
New Orleans Radio---Tune in, turn it up.
Unheard Beethoven---Go hear, and you will have heard it.
Beethoven the Magnificent
Beethoven the Immortal
Center for Beethoven Studies
Music Matters---A multimedia travelogue that takes visitors on a musical journey around the world, hosted and narrated by Virginia Eskin of Northeastern University.
BBC---Are you baroqued and Four Seasoned to death by local classical "programming?" Tune in the Beeb.
Operissimo---Everything you might want to know about opera."The magazine for everything classical."
Classicalinks---The world's most comprehensive collection of classical music links.
Aria Database---Everything you might want to know about over 1000 operatic arias.
Chopin---The Frederick Chopin Society in Warsaw.
Dr. Jeffrey Kallberg---Home page of the University of Pennsylvania musicologist who recently restored an undeciphered Chopin prelude, and more recently authenticated a newly discovered Beethoven manuscript.
La Boheme---Devoted to Puccini's "perfect opera," this site offers a full English translation of the 1851 book on which the opera was based, Bohemians of the Latin Quarter, originally produced as a play in 1849.

Buster Keaton---Official website of the Damnfinos, the international Keaton appreciation society.
W.C. Fields---W. C. Fields Fan Club. 
W.C. Fields 2---Fields' entry in the Juggling Hall of Fame.
Sons of the Desert---The "Way Out West" Tent of the official Laurel and Hardy appreciation society, a group that Stan Laurel blessed, provided all activities are carried out with "half-assed dignity." (They are.)
Laurel and Hardy Magazine---Beautifully produced website of the beautifully produced British magazine.
Stan Freberg---Tribute to the great American humorist/satirist(and yes)/songwriter.
Lord Buckley---A tribute to His Royal Hipster.
Ray Bradbury1---Fan tribute to the incomparable writer and visionary.
Ray Bradbury2---Publisher's official website.
Jane Goodall---The Jane Goodall Institute seeks to "advance the power of individuals to take informed and compassionate action to improve the environment for all living things." Hear, hear.
Edward F. Ricketts---Marine biologist, visionary ecologist, philosopher and great friend of John Steinbeck.
Rachel Carson---Writer and prescient analyst of environmental degradation.

Signs of Los Angeles---Signs of Los Angeles.
Venice Beach Cam---Live! Strollers, sunrises, sunsets. . .
Los Angeles History---Wonderful photo exhibits from the Los Angeles Public Library of a nicer L.A. (Take special note of the Turnabout Theater display.)
The Original L.A. Daily News---The peach-colored oversized tabloid bastion of free spirits, courageous reporters, and free-flowing booze.
America's Suburb---Veteran L.A. journalist Kevin Roderick's wonderful history of the San Fernando Valley. You can get lost in this book, much as you can in the Valley itself.
The Wis and Witdom of Maggie Van Ostrand---Essays and musings assayed with amusement.
Good Ol' Typewriters---Qwertyuiop nostalgia.

William James Taylor ---Unbelievable
Yoko Oonaka---Charming.
Hongtu Zhang---What if Van Gogh lived in China?
Michael Keropian---Great sculpture of Zappa, Varese, lotsastuff.
Kozyndan---Dan 'n' Kozy are artists of charm and wit, and strange squid monsters oozing across Tokyo intersections. Many illustrations on this site. Highly recommended.
Phyllis Chavez---Venice artist's lyrical work of color and heart.
Crumb Museum---The great R. Crumb.
Chris Jordan---Photos document waste as art.
Mark Bryan---Some of the most delectably biting political paintings of the day.
Mark Harden's Artchive---Can't get to a museum? Take a walk through the Artchive.
Van Gogh Museum---Take the virtual tour.
John Livzey---Photog extraordinaire.
Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido---Count 'em.
The Cats of Gu Yinzhi---This will give you paws.
The Paintings of Scott Thomas Lowe---Native American studies presented with lyricism and grace.
Science-Fiction Lobby Cards

Glossaries---One of the strangest sites out there, and most useful. Terms from every occupation.
Wilton's Word and Phrase Origins---Look 'em up.
Origin of Phrases---Look 'em up again. 
Anagram Genius---Try the free Anagram Server.
Palindromes---A palindrome is a pal indeed.
A Word A Day---Build your vocabulary!
World Wide Words---Investigating English from a British viewpoint.
Hipesaurus---Lord Buckley's glossary of hip.
Oxymoronlist---Everything from "government organization" to "jumbo shrimp."
Hear Your Favorite Poet---If their voices are recorded, you can find them here.

Squirrel Postcards---Perfect for any loved one, for any occasion.
Laurel & Hardy cards---Mm!

Taipei Times--Find out what is going on in the world's only Chinese democracy.
Taiwan---Official website of the country. 
Taiwan History---A cogent summary of the country's highly independent history.
Taiwan News---Recent Taiwan headlines from Yahoo!.
(The Rip Post developed appreciation for Taiwan's culture and democracy while visiting there at length in the '80s and '90s. Many U.S. citizens are surprised to find that the communist government in mainland China never had any jurisdiction over Taiwan. See "Taiwan History.")

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