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A Verse to You

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"Ah, distinctly, I remember
It was in the bleak December
And each separate dying ember
Wrought its ghost upon the floor."
---Edgar Allan Poe.


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who passed away Aug. 19, 2011, was a much loved Los Angeles poet, and one of the most prolific. Words flowed from him, absent of guile, rife with heart, metaphor (often having to do with great movies), and comedy. He was a fixture at one of the last independent bookstores in L.A., Dutton's in Brentwood, for over twenty years. He was my friend since high school, and contributed poems to this website gratis. My tribute to Scott here. The L.A. Times obituary here. More here. ---Rip Rense
(sketch by Michael Paul.)



 samuraicrunch.jpg (9874 bytes)JACK OAKES is a poet of singular insight, hard truth, and compassionate spirit. He is a keen observer of things grand and miniscule, of great designs and tiny beauties. His poems are tightly constructed, yet playful, dense with meaning overt and implied.



pilotcrunch.jpg (11560 bytes)K. RENSE is in the tradition of classic poetic language both ornate and simple. He has an abiding love of nature,  endless wit (and wits' end.) The status of his long-in-the-works novel, "Rushes," in which a man sets out to determine if he was once a fish, is unknown. (drawings by Rip Rense.)


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CHARLES BOGLE (pictured with Elvis), whose last name means "a goblin who only harms liars and murderers," was a drinking buddy of W.C. Fields. He is not a poet, although he occasionally pretends to be.

All poems reproduced here are copywronged to the arthurs and may not be reproduced without ripe persimmons.


Put Your Landing Lights On, I Wanna Come Back Down To Earth
Radioactivity in the Lunch Boxes of the Poor
All The Berlin Walls
Debutantes With Broke Down Teeth
In the Tired End of Town
The Bleeding Newsroom
The Hold Desk
Empathy Hoedown
May I Take Your Hat?
Enduring Prey
Strange Food Hoedown
Oblivion Highway Orchestra Rehearsal
Gypsies All
Someday I'll/Raise Your Everlovin'
Gov't. in My Cereal
The Hardest Hours
Some Dust Bowl, Some Champange/Accident Cathedral
Dancing Shrapnel Hoedown (for 2004)
Shrapnel for Everyone/Mustard Gas on a Kaiser
The Straightjackets Do Not Hold
A Pint of Whiskey Will Get You Through Part Five
Bongo Cathedral

For Bob the Cat, My Friend
The Long Playing Short End of Things
The Decider
Last Call 2
Where The Rivers Run


Old Man
Ramblin' Boy
You Wonder
A Great Long While
In The Far Great West
So It Seems
The Reach
Late Winter Laments
Long Dark Night of Nothing
Do You Want
A Far Cry
At Last Report
Watch Out Now
Last Broadcast
Treadmill Tune
Sad For The World
Cannery Blues
No More Sad Stories
Some Familiar Genius
Old Farts|
They Know No Shame
Ode to Bloggerdum
Bad Boys
Farewell Tour
Making it Up
War Junkies
Old Time Medicine Men
Lost Dreams
ll Manner
Just Keep Living
No Tomorrow
Preaching the News 
Forgotten Heroes
Nobody Says Much Anymore
What's Left?

Form Games
Down That Road
After the Road
Is This?
Set OutI Walk
Dinner is Served

Running Out
Cheshire Moons
The Truth is Hard to Tell

Old Joe and the Rodeo

Like Keaton and Lloyd
If It's a Poem You Want

Atonement Poem
What's Best for Thee
The Force of Destiny

So It Goes
So It Went
The Word is Heard
Summing it Up
Conjuring RosesTaking Stock
Time to. . .
Off the Grid
Get Right
Pure Joy

Hearts at Peace
I Feel Fine
The Ghostly Dead's Tunes
Babel Town
Do You Remember Your Old Tricks?

The Foolishness of What We Do
Crazy Old World
The Secret Places
Too Much 'Mas
To Thine Ownself Anew
Time is Running Out on the Old Twist and Shout

Divine Prospectus
Last Chance
Last Dance
Night Owl

K. Rense
Oil Poem
Holiday Cheers
If I Could Be Just Anything
And Raindrops Kiss the Gentle Brow
I Sat Upon a Shoreline Rock

Islets of Langerhans
Lawyer's Lament
Birthday Cheer!
Nothing New


Il Perche Non So
happy to glad to dying to
Let's Dance
Better Off
Poem for 2008 (But Then)
Poem for 2007
Poem for 2006
Poem for 2005 (Get The Feeling)
Poem for 2004 (Now This)
Poem for 2003
Poem for 2002
Poem for 2001
Election Poem '08
Palin Rap
Work of Art
Round The Bend
Hunter The Headless Thompson Gunner


Bert the Cat (for Terry)
The Sorting Hat Speaks
The House (for Jeff)
Words Fail Me
No Madder The Hatter
Dickens Street
The Accumulated Knowing
Full of Stars
Out on a Limb
Noble Ubu
The Condoleeza Conga
Pig People
Joe Shinn is Turning Sixty
Scraping Illusion off of Ilusion
Memory of a Dream
Between a Pixie and the Sun
Poem for Jerry Garcia
Birthday poem

Rhyme for the Season


Saturday Nights at the Dellwood Pavilion
Home Cooking
Poem For Chernobyll
by Leslie Wolfe-Cundiff
Poem for Chuck Niles
Genius Needs Love
by S.A. Griffin
The Nuclear Option
by S.A. Griffin
The Right Kind of Eyes
(For Hunter Thompson)
Dark Sky, Silver Linings
by Floyd Kucharski
It is the Death Machine
by Dennis Corp
Coffers and Coffins
by Roy Ringer