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War Junkies
This one goes out
To the ones left behind
This one goes to those
Left maimed and blind.

You are victims of
The insane, you are
Collateral causalities
Of the war junkies.

They messed with
Your minds and put
Your bodies on the
Line as part of their
Quest for power
And profit.

Support our troops,
Bring them home,
Ehren Watada
Is your patron saint,
A hero for our age.

Everyoneís so caught
Up with their personal
Relationship with the
Security of consumer
Goods, they lost sight
Of the greater good,
While at the same time
The whole world has
Become our extended

Do unto others as you
Would have them do unto
You. You should regard
The residents of Baghdad,
Kabul and Gaza the same
As you would the folks
Who live across the
Street or down the hall.

Would you make war on them?
So why do you continue to
Countenance your wages, your taxes
Going to finance murder and
Mayhem around the globe?

Itís being done in your name.
Itís being done to your shame.
The kleptocrats are stealing
Our national treasure, they are
Sullying our good name,
They are creating enemies
Just for the sake of the game.

War junkies, money fools,
Time to take them back to school.
Liberty and justice for all is not
Limited to the American genre,
Those should be the standards
By which all aboard Planet Earth
Should live. Life, liberty and
The pursuit of happiness.
Is that too much to give?
        ---Jack Oakes (2/10/07)


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