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It has been said that our emotional response to music is deeply rooted in memory. Often, whether we realize it or not, music is reconnecting us to events in our lives, many of them from childhood, to which the birth of our imagination is inextricably linked.



This theory might explain the open weeping, rapturous physical expression and seemingly uncontrollable outpourings of human emotion that mark audience’s behavior during the Paul McCartney US Tour of 2005.


Although Paul McCartney’s music, in so many ways defines the rock era, it has become more then that. It has become a multi-generational time capsule that extends through the lifelines of children, parents and grandchildren, in a unification process that heals the wounds of the fractured, uplifts the spirits of the masses, and transcends the mundane lives of so many into a special place.


Paul McCartney has been there so often for the American people in times of need. His musical anthems, that we have so many times turned to, have become bigger then the joyous events and devastating tragedies of our lifetimes. They have become place holders in our soul, giving people the power to cope, the power to excel, and the power to love again. No other artist has managed to capture the soul of the people in such an influential and powerful way.


These are the moments that our film will capture and expound upon in an extraordinarily produced concert documentary. The performance will be captured in the most state of the art technology possible. High Definition concert production shot at a frame rate 23.98p. This cinematic technique, combined with the most sophisticated camera instruments and technology in the world to bring a concert to life that has never been produced in such a “Star Wars” like fashion, yet capturing the intimacy of a tear shared by thousands or the gaze of grown man who was once young.


Our cameras have traveled the country with Paul documenting the people who his music touches; visiting families in the suburbs of America’s finest working class where they gather in ritualistic fashion prior to his concert and celebrate the day like it were Christmas. There homes tastefully accented with mementos of the one who has so touched there lives.


We will hear from scholars, astronauts, actors, poets, and musicians, who articulate this phenomenon of change in such a way, to admit that although they may have not been around for Mozart, Beethoven or Bach, they feel privileged to have been around for McCartney.


It has also been said that when two or more gather, sharing a common goal, enormous power can be generated. In our film we touch upon the thousands whose lives have become a better place as a result of gathering around in song.

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