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They Know No Shame
They know no shame
In their quest for fame
It’s a familiar refrain.

Maybe something from
Aristophanes or Aristotle,
Full-tilt boogie and
Pull out the throttle.

The culture demands
Acceleration and excess
You could be dead and
And call it success.

A remorseful quatrain
Marches right off the page
Whilst I dole out this
Largesse with the express
Opinion of discontinuing
Sycophantic ramblings
That seem more like
Lunatic gamboling

Put a stamp on it,
Drop it the post box,
Wait five days and
You’ve started the
Latest craze.

Live for a while and
You’ll be amazed.
Words wind down,
Nary a pulse or a sound
A breath is not to be found

I’ll recount the villainy
Of the current occupant
Of La Casa Blanca,
But no one wants to

Listen to the sordid
Tale. We’ve all become
Weak and frail, easy
Pickings as we’re
not the quick ones.
A standard sermon
A familiar lament
About the 10 talents
And payment of the rent.

You’ve been there
You’ve heard it said
better, but I’ll repeat
It again and then relent.

Gracious acquaintances
Kindly turn your eyes
Toward this one thought:
All we’ve labored for
Will surely be lost
Unless you repent and
Reaffirm you purpose
And noble quest.

Time grows short,
What would you do
To make this world
A better place as
You are passing through?

    ---Jack Oakes 6/22/07


© 2009 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.