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loudmouth obsteperous uptight white guy in a truck
did not like the make of my shirt this
afternoon, all my shirt sang was
Impeach Bush and Cheney too
the boy assumed I was pushing Gore's aura
he yelled Gore is full of shit
didn't know if he meant Gore Vidal, or the John
Norman novels about the planet Gor
he then called me a non American
another assumption on this pea brained kneejerk's already
overworked system
I was born at Saint John's Hospital,Santa Monica
i yelled back, waiting for my bus
i guess that means I am so an American
he then snarled Go fight for Iraq
i shot back,I live here and I'm fighting for this country
he sped off
into a cloud of never never land vitriol
his logical connections were astounding
by wearing what i wore it just meant i had to be
humping for Al Gore
but in fact, my calling for Bush's impeachment doesn't
necessarily mean I'm humping for any one particular fellow
then for some inexplicable proof
i am suddenly not an American
seems you just can't have a difference of opinion anymore
i'd tell that asshole to go find a brain
but it would take way too long
and what passes for his heart couldn't take the strain
guess he doesn't know that the impeachment process
is definitely a part of America
if it weren't
i wouldn't be asking for it to happen
he said thank god that George Bush is in office
i am sure George himself thanks god
for Jeb Bush and Katharine Harris and Scalia and Thomas
and all the other love children that allowed him to
climb into this office and create this hallalujah hootenanny
of an invasion that is currently being sold on
tv and in the media.
maybe they should put God in charge of reconstructing
Iraq,and not Garner.God is above dispute.Even the
state department and the defense department could
agree on that.
Oh, i guess it better not be a Islamic god.
maybe my shirt has a god
maybe the impeachment process believes in god
maybe the man who yelled at me today is in crisis
he wasn't able to dispute that Santa Monica was
part of America.
he wasn't able to sing a note to that one.
---Scott Wannberg 4/4/03


2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.