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Some familiar genius
And some familiar
Genius turns the corner
Rounds third and
Smiles at you just
Like a fool.

Was it Rembrandt
Or Rimbaud or just
Good Olí Charlie Poole?

Educationís a vacation
From the slaving game
Stop to admire the view
Youíll wind up with fame.

Crossed wires and crossed Iís
Dotted Tís, eternal mysteries.
Iíve listened to the spheres
Until I ainít square no more
We danced until dawn,
Wound up on the floor.

And the remembrance of
What we had is gone again
Just like eternal fiery dawn
Birth of cosmos and top oí
The morning to you
Softly shuffling, then
Going up the flue.

Smokestacks, haystacks,
Cake-top brides and grooms,
we went past that point
and came on home anew

Proclaiming genius,
Forsaking sainthood
For the public good,
Thatís me in the pointy hat,
Chinese cat, and there he sat.

---Jack Oakes, 7/31/2007


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