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Sad for the World
I am sad, not so much
For myself, as for the
World, for the loss of
Life and the wasting
Of youth, for the loss
Of joy, and the
Ruination of hope.

What is it that fires
The eternal spark
Within us? What is
It that makes us
Yearn for the
Light and shun
The darkness?

Oh, many deny it,
Many conspire
Against it, fear
It like the plague
And pretend to be
From some
Other species.

Ah, it may well be
Many of our seemingly
Fellow kind are indeed
From some subspecies,
One that is devoid of
The capacities for kindness,
Truth and self-respect.

These insane ones
Make wars, prey
Upon the weak and sick,
Build banks and
Create trusts and stack
The books against
Creating breakthroughs
Into the light.

They pass laws against
The lock explorers
Behind bars.
They know their
Enemy, they
Know our names
They have made
Plans for what
Happens next
And it won’t
Be pretty.

But there is
One last chance
A time to impeach
The devil, to
Strike him
From his perch
Before he
Can lash out
Again, starting
New wars,
Taking more
Lives and
Leaving the world
Without hope.

Seize the day
Take to the streets
It is you land, it
Is you world,
Save it from
Save yourself
From despair

"What else have
You go to do?"

---Jack Oakes



© 2009 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.