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I hereby submit my resignation
From the Christian faith
It has done me no good, nor
Has it benefited others in this era.Jesus is proclaimed as
The "Prince of Peace,"
He admonished all to
"Turn the other cheek."
"The meek shall inherit
the Earth," he advised.
"Render unto Caesar,"
he admonished.
"Give up all and
come follow me,"
he insisted.

None of those things
Has transpired.
The little Caesars of
The Christian Right
Have crucified the
Poor guy all over again.

They use him
To justify the
Worst elements
Of their psyches,
Indeed they enlist
Him to wage war
For flimsy reasons.
Of conquest, profits,
And madcap revelations.

The Leader of the
Unfree World declares
Himself to be the
Messenger of God,
All the while condoning
Strife, torture and
Political corruption.

Jesus seemed like
A pleasant chap.
Like America, Jesus
Was a good idea.
But given the current
State of world affairs
Itís clear Jesusí mojo
Just ainít happening
And that different
Strategies are needed
To contain the beast
And resist temptation.

Thank you, Jesus,
Your time has passed,
Climb out of the manger
Step down from the
Cross, the show is over.
You did your best,
Now itís up to us
To do our thing,
Let peace blossom
and freedom take wing.
Every man a king.
---Jack Oakes



© 2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.