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Old Farts
You see them
Hanging around
The periphery,
Acting like they
Belong, but we
All know soon
It will be all gone.

Too old to be stupid,
Too careless to be wise,
Living another day
Is our only surprise.
Simply marking time
Until their day of demise.

No one knows how to
Listen, they scarcely know
How to think, the years
Go by, God is on the brink.

Miscalculations, an absence
Of planning makes all dreams
Fail, except for the darkest
Nightmares laden with betrayal.

You’ll call to sacrifice, and
Pay the price, piper calls
The tune, reminiscent
of pirate talk of doubloons.

---Jack Oakes 7/29/07


© 2009 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.