The Rip Post                                                                                              

Ode to Bloggerdum
They are a pestilence
creeping and crawling
writhing and wriggling
in cyberspace and beyond.

Make them stop,
send them to the
pool hall. March
them off to the

Gabfests galore
are things we'd
best ignore, lest
all become great
snorting bores.

Opinions multiplicitous
extended and expanded
to the point of ridiculousness.

Give it a break, give it rest,
sound and dithering,
signifying slithering
Whilst the Big Boys
pack away the loot
right under their snoots.

Crescendos sans innuendos
Gumflapping fingersnapping
Gingersnaps and Doctor Denton's
Flaps unhinged and shorthairs singed.

Is this culture, is this glory?
No, I'm sorry, most common
denominator serves as a
barometer, technical expertise
provides no Caldwellian release.

Mysterious incantations, ritual
prostrations, Old Doc Leary's
visage predominates, among
a clientele that discriminates
from one window to the next.

If you haven't been there,
you've no right to expound
on the matter, you simplistic
dunces. A few smacks would
serve you right, best you can aspire to
is a lust for salty snacks!
             ---J.Q.A Oakes 5/29/07



2009 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.