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No Tomorrow
Do you feel like there’s
No tomorrow because you
Heard the mockingbird’s song?

Do you fret and lament
And beg and borrow,
Because of some stranger's
Happenstance comment?

I do not believe you’ll ever
Conceive of a recipe or remedy
For what ails thee and me.
It’s no mere matter of hypochondria,
But rather a recitation of blues,
Bulimia and Pangea pandemia.

Do you feel like
There’s no tomorrow, because
You’ve been reading the news
About who wins and who shall lose?
You had a tip about the stocks,

A tout about the derby, a divine
Inspiration about Orbi et Urbi.
So does that make you the
Or just some other lame joke?

Psst! and pshaw! You know
What you saw, yesterday’s
Pleasures and regrets,
Anticipations and expectations
Unmet. You’ve filled your mission,
Now is the time to forget.

There’s no tomorrow without today,
The words duck and weave, on with the play.
Constructions, interruptions,
Libations and excitations.

Panning for gold and the stream of
Conscience, nuggets of hard truth
Like candy are on the budget.
Your profligate days disappear
In the haze of yesterday’s maze,

You stumbled though eons of todays
Grateful tomorrow never comes,
Knowing the curtain will be rung and
The Fat One’s song will be sung,
With adieus, alohas and felicitations.

What dance will you do,
What wings will you have grown
For the birds that have flown.

Tomorrow is a charade,
A shall game, an escapade,
Best laid plans are made,
You get a passing grade
Only if you forget tomorrow’s
On it’s way once again.
No tomorrow, no laments,
No regrets. Anon and anent.
        ---Jack Oakes 1/8/06


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