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Making It Up
Weíre making it up
As we go along.
Weíre shaking it up,
Can that be wrong?
Doing the frug
To a Bach etude
We donít mean to
Delude, or is this
Just another fugue?

Call it co-creation,
Evolution, it goes on.
Stop what youíre doing
For just a minute now,
Look up, look down,
Look in, then out
Twist and shout.

Weíre making it up
As we go along.
If you donít like
The tune, then
Change the song.

Itís in your power
Itís within your grasp,
Donít be fooled again
Walk the straight and
Narrow, follow the
Path of Cupidís arrow.

Love will lead you to
Where itís best, shut
Up a bit and let time
Do the rest.

Heavy lifting isnít
Your gift, so
Keep it light,
Itís quite a sight
All the angels
Or are they birds
Taking flight in
The cerulean sky,
Golden sun, so
Beautiful it makes
You cry. How can
You be missing
These things?
This part, Iím not
making up.

Somebody else
Has spread the
Table, why do you
Persist in playing
The pig and making
A mess? Shut up
A bit, and let time
Do the rest.
    ---Jack Oakes (2/15/07)


© 2009 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.