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Long Dark Night of Nothing
Itís another long, dark
night of nothing, no
cricketís chirp or
meteorís spark.

Your cosmic resonator
is tuned to the
incorrect frequency,
while the media
notes the disturbingly
high rates of truancy,
vagrancy and megalomania.

We used to discuss
these things, but youíve
fallen prey to one sort
of spider or another and
Iíve got arachnophobia.

Slice off more salami
and pour yourself a cup
of glad, Iím sorry to
report: Youíve been had.

Temperatureís rising,
and so are the seas
Itís a matter of degrees.
Carpe diem, itís your
moment to seize Ė
or rather to cease
and desist, or at least
to resist the end of
the line, semicolons,
circumflexes and periods.

Punctuation pronouncements
and grammatical renouncements
are in your realm, ye herder of
commas, Itís you versus the
purveyors of dramas, Castilian
soap operas and Tibetan
miracle healing gongs. Itís
gone on so long, do we even
know right from left. Correct
me if Iím wrong.

    --Jack Oakes 4/14/08



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