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Last Broadcast
This concludes our
Regular broadcast day,
Signing off now from
Planet Earth with a
Tune by Stellerís jay.

Every day we arise
With a new configuration
In the skies, so why
Do we act surprised?

The moonís gone over
The mountain, Dupreeís
Got his diamond
In the rough, Jerry

Left us in the lurch,
Nothingís left but
Grandfolksí country
Forgotten church.

Cutting grain with
Scythe and sickle
And sweat of brow
Donít drink the milk
Unless you got the cow.

Hit paradeís eclipsed
By the shade, oh, and
Didnít we have it made?

Romantic decisions,
Trust was mislaid and
Betrayal took the fair
Maiden to her grave.

Itís an ancient story,
Courtesy the Flood.
We are lately come
To this place, 40,000
Years are but a blink.

So pause now on
Your sorry sojourn
And look upon
This conjurerís place

Before all the good
Words are driven
Away by defilers of
The original faith.

Hand on rocks,
Brought it down,
Hand on rocks
Brought low
Edenís crown.

Sonny Boy,
Make haste
No one wants
Another clown.
---Jack Oakes, 11/18/2007



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