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Just Keep Living
Just keep living,
All Manner
Live your life,
Avoid strife
And discord.
Appeal always
To sweet reason.
Your path crosses
Through dreamscapes
And minefields
Pick your steps
With care.
Just keep living,
Until the last call
Takes you down
Beyond our reach.
Itís better to practice
Than to preach.
Lead by example,
And if none
Will follow,
So be it.
Live your life.
Stop being anxious
For messages
And explanations.
Stop looking for
Remedies and
Just keep living,
Live your life.
Thatís all you need,
On that you can rely
Time gets stretched
Thinner as the years
Roll by. Itís not
A cause for lament.
Just keep living,
And live your life.
          ---Jack Oakes 10/09/2006


© 2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.