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Forgotten Heroes
Perhaps somewhere out
There are heroes whose
Names will be spoken
By the lips of millions
And whose souls will
Be beloved for generations.

If there are such great ones
Left on this perilous Earth,
Please share their names,
Tell me their addresses
And I shall call upon them
So that the rest of humanity
Might benefit from their
Unique vision and so that
Their genius might further
The benefits of creation.

Civilizing influences in
This modern age are
Few and far between so
The opportunity to
Celebrate the beloved
Guardians are rare indeed
And their souls we
must commend.

Let me know the last time
You had the occasion to
connect with a sentient being
Who provided meaning and
Joy to you in this earthly realm
So they we might all celebrate
The achievement of liberation
From false expectations and
The humdrum situations that
Constitute life for our poor
Relations and myriad nations.

We could do better, we could
Be at our best, but you’ve forgotten
Even that the sun rises in the
The east and sets in the west.
---Jack Oakes, 4/22/06


© 2006 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.