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Divine Prospectus
Don’t worry about
your money.
I will be your
personal financial
guru. I will guide
you in all things.

Place your trust
in me and you’ll
never have a
worry again in life.

I will heal all wounds,
I will forgive all sins.
There is no limit to
my power. All I ask
is for your complete
faith. Is that too much
to expect for what
I offer in return?

You’ve heard of
Shangri-La, of
Valhalla, of the
sweet Elysian
Fields. I am your
path to those
very destinations.

Place your hand in
mine. Then I shall
lead you to where
you wish to go.
It’s not far.

Your destiny
can be achieved
in but a matter
of minutes. There’s
no need to mark
the time. You won’t
have any delay.

I urge you
to please call
my name. Soon
we’ll begin. Your
journey awaits.

      ---Jack Oakes 8/20/06


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