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The Force| of Destiny. . .

Throwing it all away,
squandering our heritage.

This is what stands before us,
preordained by the law of logic,
consequences of the lust
for dominance, in the name of the Lord,
dominari, dominatus,
but oh so wildly, out of control,
out of kilter, no shelter, no acquittal.

Only an expunging, an ablation,
an offering, a penance, a sacrifice,
will now put time back on the clock.
But the inhabitants of this land
have lost the instinct for love,
have lost the knack of begging
for forgiveness, have lost the
capability for putting it right.

There are many Mansons in the House of Bush,
the slaughter of innocents is the sport of thieves,
is the order of the day, looters shoot on sight.
All that was sacred is cast down,
no stone is left upon stone,
we've again gone beyond the prophecies,
a new text is inscribed with blood and tyranny.
The unholy wheel becomes the yoke of folly,
the Joke President is the font of failures abounding.

But give us time and from this darkness we will find
courage anew to mend fences and rebuild bridges.
That which was lost shall be regained.
All rise for renewal and truth,
all stand for liberty of our youth.
Cast out the traitors, the devious one,
the cheerleader of death shall become
one with the lost souls and hungry ghosts.
And the sun will shine through our back door again.

                                                   ---Jack Oakes


2002, 2003, 2004 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.