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George Bush is on the road once more,
Raising more money for Two Thousand Four,
And before a formal black tie crowd
Will stand victorious and proud;
This posturing hero of Iraq
Will carry at least $2 million dollars back.

The recon sergeant in his Humvee
Struck a land mine no one could see,
And there on the road where it was laid,
He died alone, no honors paid.
Just one more casualty in Iraq;
There were only body parts to carry back.

And thus the war that began with lies
Still claims its dreadful toll of lives;
Hail to the Chief! Hoist high the flags!
And try not to notice the body bags.
The war is over as Bush proclaimed,
But only for the lost, the dead, the maimed.
---Roy Ringer


2009 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.