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Cheshire Moons
Back in the rain
Back in the back
White into white
Black into black

No rainbow
No original sin
No dance party
No slapdash soiree

No hat on your head
No roses in your bed
Cross-town traffic’s
Always outward bound.

Skip to my Lou
Oh my darling
With the eternal
Old soft shoe

They used to know the steps
Put ’em through their paces
Sadly lacking in social graces
Wipe the frowns from their faces

Little bit of love goes a long way
Why ration your remedy when
Time is short, kick over the traces
Drink to your health, then share the wealth

No deities’ embraces
Are requisites for success
So do now what you’ve
Always done best.

Forget the tribulations,
And dump all the rest
Face the music
And call out the tune

The time for leaving
Comes all too soon.
So do what you can
While the flowers are abloom
Cast your lot with butterflies,
Shooting stars and Cheshire moons
---Jack Oakes


© 2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.