The Rip Post                                                                                              

Bad Boys
Bad boys rambling
They be kickin’
Went past the
Rainbow from
Mojave to

Executive conundrums
And fiduciary redactions
So much smoke and tears
Them varmints is a’fixin’
To render you obsolete
Like Wordsworth, smithin’

Get thee from hence
Unless you can mend a fence
Amish scrimmage and
All bad rubbish, recycled
Ruminations lead simply
To recriminations.

Buzz cuts, lamb chops,
And sweet filaree,
Blooming where it
Shouldn’t be, get out
You hoes, I must
Be weedin’ this
Garden, it needs
Renovation, if not
Outright revolution

Sasquatch and Abednigo,
Bigfoot’s spotted totin’
A bible, must be headed
For a revival, lads, get
Out my rifle, take aim,
Like Novak at Plame.

Castigation, if not
Outright castration,
That will make you sing
Sweetly by Jove,
like Mick,It’s a
cool trick to
Solicit Rembrandt
In the Old Vic.

Capital gains
And seraphimic
Refrains, you
Walked along
The boulevard,
Counting the
Cracks and
Lamenting the
Lack of
In this or any
Other reality.

You called for
An epic, you requested
A saga, or at very
Least a midnight raga,
And the band played on
And the dervish spun,
And the salmon spawned
From Frisco to Cisco
To Paiute and Forest Lawn.

Buried, consecrated,
Smoked, concentrated
What can be done, when
The bells are all rung.

---Jack Oakes  4/12/07


© 2009 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.