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After the Road
When we got there
it was nowhere
anywhere and
So here we are.

There's no escape,
yet we've tried to hide,
spending years inside
wondering what the
weather is like outside,
are there clouds,
or is there sun?

So drop all pretense
please end the laments.
Deal me in once again.
There's a game to be played
and souls to be saved,
and a world to be won,
let's call it liberation
and let's make it fun.

Where to begin?
Just don't act dumb.

We failed to understand
for all these many years
that joy is the foremost
transformative energy,
it melts away anger
and pain, it is a baptism
of life resurgent 'tis
ever becoming spring
faith renewing eternal.

"You thought you was the cool fool
"And never would do no wrong"
We had it all, the message was clear,
but we thought it was about us.
Our egos got in the way.
We thought we were the
stars of the cosmic show.
Our desires got the worst of us,
and the better days faded away.

Then one day, by chance,
one walks into a library
and selects a DVD and
the show starts spinning again.

The garden didn't leave us,
the conditions always exist,
but we got out of synch,
we committed a sin,
we missed the mark
and we fell from grace.

Now the world is in much
neglect, the greedy ones,
the pillagers and connivers
have their grip on the heart
and soul of the world. They've
poisoned are minds using our
own egos as the entry point
for there toxic inculcations.

But it's time to step away
from the stare and the blare
and rockets' red glare.
No more patriotic rot,
No more tired old plot.

(Well, I'll have to finish this another time. Simply out of gas).
---Jack Oakes


2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.