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Time is Running Out On the Old Twist and Shout

I would write a poem
if I only knew how.

I would bark like a dog
if only I knew bow-wow-wow.

Tethered to the planet
by a long looping string,
it's no theory 'cuz
we've been gathering
the quantum fuzz.
from half past morning
until quarter past June.

All manner
of noisiness
and caution,
can't keep Sunday
from spinning into
tomorrow and beyond.

See now what you've
gone and done.
Another new day,but
the time's running out
on the old twist and shout.

Dancing madonna
looks like Lake, Veronica,
Happy Kwanzaa
and merry Hannukah,
and a Ramadan-a-ding-dang, too,
to our friends, black
Christian, Muslim and Jew!

---Jack Oakes


2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.