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I Walk
I walk, I talk, I squawk
What a novelty,
What a frivolity
Am I not a “hungry ghost”?
Are you not Cosmo Topper?
(And you call this a show-stopper?)

Let us pause now for a moment
of reflection and an opportunity
to escape from the slander
that abounds as I make my
rounds on Planet Earth.

Let us engage now
in discourse positive.
Let us shun now all
mewling and caterwauling.

Should not the focus be on
cutting to the quick,
on cutting to the chase,
on getting runners on base?

You know the score,
But you shun the rules,
A gentleman always
of the old-and-getting-
older school. You rue
the day, you cast the play.
You call the tune, piper to pay.

I’ve reached the limits of my
perceptions, it always comes
back to the same expectation.
There’s no glory in dissolution,
only bumps in the road and
some minor contusions.

Do you still want a triumph?
Do you still demand a resolution?
Foolish lad, it’s not in the cards,
by leaps and bounds and
inches, feet and yards.

Go back to your dream regimen,
Seek here no longer for poetical
lubrication, liberation and
elucidation, for the answer
remains the same as the question.

Time to put aside your quixotic kicks
and seek some more practical solutions
to the equations pertaining to life on Earth.
And it might be helpful to factor in
some joy, some humor, some mirth.
---Jack Oakes


© 2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.