The Rip Post

The world is at war again,
where is there peace?
Can we find it yet
in our own hearts?
Turn our backs
away from war,
this folly will run
its fated course.
Turn your heart
instead to peace,
inner peace, find
that and you shall
be a beacon to
the world and
your life shall
not be in vain.
Turn off the
turn off
the news,
unplug the
with the war
machine and
all its spokespeople.
Listen instead
to the deeper news
that tells you the
breaking stories
about nature
and purpose of
your own life.
Abandon misfortune,
look away from hatred,
mistrust and fear.
What you put into the
world should be chosen
with care unless you
become complicit
in the crimes of the
masters of war
and destruction.
Go forth and sin
no more, make your
heart a precious
jewel that cuts
through delusion.
Find peace within
and the world will
be a better place,
if only for you and
the ones you touch
during the passing day.
That should be enough
for you for one day,
for one life, to do it right.
The world will save itself
provided that you save yourself.
No militia, no campaign,
no mission, no ministry,
only your own truth,
plant that seed and
a great forest will grow,
great rivers will flow.
Remake the world anew
by finding the truth and
love within your own heart,
have the courage to
cast the world in your
own sweet terms,
no malice, no hate,
no war, don't be late.
Time passes quickly,
the hour is at hand,
do what you must do
to restore peace and
love to the good land
and hearts of all man.
                 ---Jack Oakes


2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.